3-Sided Toothbrush

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Your one-stop-shop for a dependable, fast, effective cleaning that's clinically proven to enhance your brushing routine.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Years of Experience

Family Owned and Operated

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Clinically Proven

We invested years of research and development done by top universities to bring you the safe, dependable product you love.

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Healthier Gums

Your gums are safe and healthy with the ULTASMILE Toothbrush! Our unique 100% end-rounded bristles reduce gingivitis 20% more than a standard brush.

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Made in the USA

We make and quality control all of our brushes from North Dakota, USA!

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Temperature Adjusting Bristles

ULTASMILE's bristles adjust to your preference. With 3-5 seconds of warm-hot water before brushing, our bristles become even softer.

Real people, incredible smiles

Hundreds of satisfied customers are raving about the ULTASMILE Toothbrush.

4.7/5 stars

The Unstoppable Toothbrush

A true all-American entrepreneurship story, filled with creativity, tragedy, love, and new beginnings. With the goals of revolutionizing dental care while going up again massive corporations. Starring founders Ron and Allene Klinkhammer.

Ron and Allene Klinkhammer


How is the ULTASMILE Toothbrush different from other manual brushes?

Our brush offers 100% end-rounded bristles, 200% more coverage per brushing stroke, reduces Gingivitis 20% more, automatically assists in proper brushing procedure, and is more convenient in reaching hard-to-reach places.

How do you use the ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

Simply slide the ULTASMILE Toothbrush over your teeth, and use short back-and-forth brushing strokes. Our toothbrush automatically assists users to exercise proper brushing habits.

Can I use the ULTASMILE Toothbrush with braces?

Yes. The ULTASMILE Toothbrush is perfectly safe and effective with braces. If you have any queries then please do feel free to contact your dental professional :)

Is the ULTASMILE Toothbrush ADA approved?

Yes. We have had ADA approval, but our ADA seal is not currently active, due to electing not to continue to pay the ADA's annual renewal fees.

How do I brush my tongue with the ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

Our toothbrush comes with a tongue scrubber located directly on the back of the brush, designed to effectively remove bacteria from the surface of your tongue.