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Who Did Our Clinical Trials?
Our clinical trials were done by numerous institutions and professionals, including, 
      S.L. Yankell, Ph.D., RDH at the  School of Dental Medicine, University of Pennsylvania.
Robert C. Emling at the International Dental Research Ltd.

Bienvenido Perez at the Universtiry of Puerto Rico Dental Scool.

What Makes Our Bristles Superior?
Conventional nylon bristles are cut in the manufacturing process. Unfortunately, this often produces sharp and ragged edges. ULTASMILE, on the other hand, features 100% end-rounded bristles that are formed round, never requiring cutting. ULTASMILE bristles are made of a material that is over 200% softer than conventional nylon bristles. The result is a toothbrush that gently protects the gum tissue while effectively removing plaque.
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In a two week evaluation of end-rounding after use of the ULTASMILE toothbrush;    The ULTASMILE toothbrush
(Week 1 = 100%; Week 2 = 100%)

In the 5-day soft tissue irritation study, of the 3 toothbrushes used ( Oral-B, Crest Complete, and Ultasmile ), Ultasmile 'exhibited statistically significantly lower gingival irritation scores." 
U (10).png
In a two week evaluation of end-rounding after use of conventional toothbrushes;
The Crest Complete toothbrush
(Week 1 = 62.2%; Week 2 = 39.2%)
The Oral B toothbrush

(Week 1 = 93.7%; Week 2 = 66.6%)
Six Month Clinical Study
Total Gingivitis
Long-term use of the ULTASMILE advanced three-sided brushing system significantly improves gingival health overall and in hard-to-reach areas when compared to the long-term use of a traditional flat-headed toothbrush.
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