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Ron K .


Allene K . 



The Unstoppable Toothbrush

A true all-American entrepreneurship story, filled with creativity, challenges, love, and new beginnings. With the goals of improving dental care while going up against massive corporations. Starring founders Ron and Allene Klinkhammer.

After six years of research and development, including several crude prototypes, Ron began product testing the three-sided toothbrush in 1990. The results were, sparkling.

By 1993 his three-sided toothbrush became a top-seller in major retailers across the country including, Safeway, Walgreens, Costco. The future looked bright.

Sadly in 1996, the company took a turn. The multi-billion-dollar companies had millions for marketing and other luxuries. The budding three-sided toothbrush couldn't compete in the shadow of a giant. Ultimately the company could not maintain its national distribution. However, this is a story about the perseverance of an Unstoppable Brush. 

In 2005, we started our first e-commerce website.



Angelia K.


New Beginnings

Angelia, the youngest grandchild of Ron and Allene Klinkhammer. Grew up hearing about the stories of her grandparents' entrepreneurial adventures. This inspired her. At the young age of 17, Angelia decided to graduate early and follow in her grandfather's entrepreneurial footsteps. What better place to start than the product that inspired her. With boundless enthusiasm and the loving support of her family, she took steps to introduce her grandfather's invention to a new generation. 

Dedication to Ron K.

Ron passed in 2011. An amazing husband to his wife Allene, father to his five children, and grandfather to each of his grandchildren. He's remembered for his love of the drums, his passion for business, his popcorn-making skills and his amazing sense of humor.❤

You will be missed, but your contribuion to helping people smile will live on.