Frequently Asked Questions 

About the ULTASMILE Toothbrush

How soft are the ULTASMILE Toothbrushes bristles?

Our bristles are adjustable in softness. Simply run the ULTASMILE Toothbrush bristles under different temperatures of tap water to adjust: Hot water to adjust to “Soft" bristles Warm water for “Medium" Cold water for “Firmer”

How do I clean my ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

Rinse it after each use and dry by tapping it on the edge of the sink. DO NOT put the bristles into boiling water, as the bristles are made from a “low-melt temperature” material, and boiling bristles will ruin them.

How do you use the ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

Simply slide the ULTASMILE Toothbrush over your teeth, and use short back-and-forth brushing strokes. Our toothbrush automatically assists users to exercise proper brushing habits.

Why is the ULTASMILE Toothbrush three-sided?

ULTASMILE'S three-sided design provides multiple benefits. Automatically angling the bristles into the gum line at the dental professionally recommended angle, to ensure proper cleaning at the gum line to prevent gum disease. The design also incorporates independent support arms, allowing our toothbrush to apply the right amount of pressure during brushing to effectively clean the teeth and protect the soft gum tissue. This feature ensures you get greater brushing coverage in each brushing stroke, delivering more thorough brushing in the same amount of time.

Can the ULTASMILE Toothbrush be used on pets?

No. Our toothbrush is made specifcally for people, as all of our clinical research was done on people. While other variations of the three-sided toothbrushes have been made for pets specifically, we're not associated with those brands.

How is the ULTASMILE Toothbrush different from other manual brushes?

Our brush offers 100% end-rounded bristles, 200% more coverage per brushing stroke, automatically assists in proper brushing procedure, and is more convenient in reaching hard to reach places.

Is the ULTASMILE Toothbrush good for your gums?

Yes! Our three-sided toothbrush has been clinically proven to be "significantly better than the conventional leading brand toothbrush on gingivitis reduction" We also "demonstrated significantly less gingival irritation" when compared to a conventional and electric toothbrush! (Clin Dent 7: 106-109, 1996.)

Can I use the ULTASMILE Toothbrush with braces?

Yes. The ULTASMILE Toothbrush is perfectly safe and effective with braces. If you have any queries then please do feel free to contact your dental professional :)

What are the ULTASMILE Toothbrushes bristles made of?

Our bristles are made from Ultralon plastic. Which is 200% softer than conventional Nylon bristled brushes, to protect your gums from damage while effectively removing plaque.

How do I brush my tongue with the ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

Our toothbrush comes with a tongue scrubber located directly on the back of the brush, designed to effectively remove bacteria from the surface of your tongue.

Is the ULTASMILE Toothbrush ADA approved?

Yes. We have had ADA approval, but our ADA seal is not currently active, due to electing not to continue to pay the ADA's annual renewal fees.

Are the ULTASMILE toothbrushes recyclable?

The ULTASMILE Toothbrushes are recyclable in standard household recycling.

How do I put toothpaste on the ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

Toothpaste goes on middle of the toothbrush, like a conventional toothbrush.

Does ULTASMILE offer a cover for the toothbrush head?

We do not currently offer a replacement head cover, but we do have plans for the near future! :)

How often should I replace my ULTASMILE Toothbrush?

We suggest you change your Toothbrush every quarter. This is in line with ADA recommendations to replace your Toothbrush every 90 days.